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  • 5★★★★★

    - Fellman Painting & Waterproofing - Painting Services in Volusia County Florida

  • 5★★★★★

     Lakewood Ranch, FL

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent results, thank you 99 calls"

     Concrete Services in Uptown Houston, TX

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great marketing company! Having incoming leads is so much easier to convert. You don’t have to compete with multiple other companies. I’ve been getting a lot more leads than I expected considering my budget. I would highly recommend!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Professional, knowledgeable employees who produce results."

  • 5★★★★★ 

    Johonatan Santana, Boston Smart Plastering Inc. - Drywall & Plaster Services in Roxbury, MA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I run a cleaning business, C&Z Cleaning Services, and the website 99Calls created for me is amazing! The calls are coming in even if just turning my ads on again- 5 stars!"

    , Commercial Cleaning Leads in Belle Plaine, Minnesota

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great experience all around and I've made a lot of money.
    It’s going so well I started another painting company with 99 calls and it’s going awesome.

  • 5★★★★★ - "Have had a great experience. Very happy with all the business I get."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am truly blessed and grateful for all of your patience and help this year and am so fortunate that I am one of your clients! Blessings!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "They are very helpful, I would recommend them to anybody who wants to increase there business."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very reasonable good folks!!!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've used 99 calls for a handful of years and am very happy with the service. They are very professional and do a great job. I would highly recommend them."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Wonderfull pepole to work with they definetly know what there doing. Our business wouldn not be where it's at today with out the help of 99 calls."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very pleased with 99 calls they deliver what they say they will. The staff is very professional and easy to communicate with . Thanks so much for the boost in my business."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I came into this just like many other small businesses that have tried other marketing companies and some do well but not consistently and others are just either too pricey or just don’t fulfill. I signed up with 99calls the 1st week of September with the bundle package of $349 and made my investment back in the 1st week with a profit. It’s been now 30 days and I am beyond impressed and satisfied and can only imagine how much more my business will grow at the rate it’s going so far. I’ve even had customers tell me that whoever I’m using for marketing is really good because they found me immediately on the top page. So just with that, I know that I made the right choice and my bank account shows the difference 🙌🏾"

    Appliance Installation & Repairs in Kissimmee, FL

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with 99 Calls for several years. They provide EXCELLENT SERVICE. I would recommend them without questions! Thank you 99 Call team excellent job as always!!"

    , Painting Leads Painting Contractor in DeLand, FL

  • 5★★★★★ - "I started working with 99 Calls about 3 months ago.  The website they developed is perfect for a newer System4 Franchise Partner.   Very professional, and much less hassle to get “up and running” than trying to find your own web company.  From a leads standpoint, they’re quite accommodating/knowledgeable working with Google Ad Words.  We made a few tweaks a couple of times, in an attempt to get more traffic.  In the last week, we have gotten 5 new, strong Recurring Service opportunities.  I have added over $1000/gross margin in two months, so it’s already paying for itself.  I have also 5 outstanding bids, totaling >$10,000 Monthly RS of 99 Calls Leads that I’ve received in just the past 7 days."

    , System4 Chicago South - Commercial Cleaning Leads in Chicago, IL 

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 calls is the best, they are very responsive and helpful anytime I have a question. They never keep me waiting unlike some people “cough cough home advisor"

     Painting Services in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona

  • 5★★★★★ - " is phenomenal!! We started receiving calls/emails from potential customers within a few days!! We HIGHLY recommend them! And their customer service people are also amazing! Friendly and Knowledgeable."

    Lake & Cuyahoga County, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "We asked 99 Calls to assist us and take over our internet presence in early 2019. As the oldest continuing law firm in our county, we were stuck in the days of the Yellow Pages and Martindale Hubbell. We could not have made a better decision. Since the day the new website went live we have consistently converted leads they generated into collected fees every month. Customer care has been easy to work with and our rank in Google search has skyrocketed. Everything they promised was exceeded in every way. Definitely 5 STARS! If anyone has questions or doubts about their value to specialized law firms please do not hesitate to ask us."

    Mark A. Jackson, Managing member Jackson, Eaton-Gordon & Assoc., PLLC, Adrian, MI

    Legal Services Leads -

  • 5★★★★★ - "Highly recommend 99 Calls. I've used other companies that cost 25 times more that didn't get me anywhere near the same results as 99 Calls has. The ROI has been off the charts since I've started using them about six or seven years ago. The best part is everything they do is organic and we have no need to do expensive PPC campaigns or buy expensive leads since what they do generates us more then enough leads to keep busy. I'll never go anywhere else."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am absolutely happy with the Google Ads program at 99 Calls. I've been getting carpet cleaning leads for under $20 each this month, which is far better than my goal."
    Leon Ford, Gold Star Cleaning Services, LLC Carpet Cleaner in Hammond, IN

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am so thankful for the work you put into my small business! Due to your efforts, 2020 was a tremendous year for growth. My website and Google presence were made possible by 99 Calls."

    Wedding Officiant & Notary in Gilford, NH

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 calls, is very informative, honest , easy to work with. They returned calls , offer suggestions, my team at 99calls is the best."

    Moving Services in Dallas, Texas 

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is the biggest bang for the buck. Their ROI is like nothing I have encountered in the last 15 years.You have to understand how SEO works to get a grip on it. It's a long term program that works and is very affordable"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Glad I signed on with them. Very attentive. Extremely profitable."

    Tree Services in Covington, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has been AMAZING for my company. Truly the best company for high-quality lead sources, website, SEO, and Google AdWords/PPC management. Highly recommend!!!"

    Painting Services in Tucson, AZ

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has been great for me and my company over the past few years. They are always open to help and work with you."

    Commercial Cleaning Company in Lakewood, Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent company. Started with them 3 months ago for SEO and Adwords. The best marketing decision I have made. This company should be at the top. Extremely affordable management fee and excellent website design with SEO. I used another company some time ago for my cleaning company that was more than quadruple the price and didn't perform even close. Not to mention the great service. They are patient and very responsive. Too soon to tell SEO results but if my AdWords is performing and converting this well, I can only imagine. Look no further."

    , Queen City Janitorial - Commercial Cleaning in New York, New York

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with 99 Calls since 03/06/2013. They are by far the best company we have ever worked with. They do what they say they're going to do. Not like other companies. They're the best."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have used 99 Calls for 2 months. I started paying them to do my google ads campaign about a month ago and the results are unbelievable! This is the only lead generation company I’m using right now and the only one I’ll be using from now on! Excellent service!"

    Cabral, South Cal Landscape

  • 5★★★★★ - "We've been using 99 Calls for about 2 years now and have gotten great results! A majority of our sales originate from your service. Keep up the great work! Thank you!"

    Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

  • 5★★★★★

    , Whaley Landscape Services, Inc. - Landscaping in Buford, GA

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is an amazing company! I could not be happier with the tangible results that they deliver to my carpet cleaning company on a daily basis! The leads call in all day long. It is absolutely wonderful and my ad spend is on point. I track every lead from all of my lead sources and 99 Calls is the BEST performing lead source that I have to date! Thank you 99 Calls, and PLEASE keep up the great work!!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has indeed been the biggest ROI in my business. I had to turn my ads off because I was getting tons of business and could not keep up with it. And still with my ads off, I get about 1-2 calls per day. Thank you so much for everything you guys do and the awesome customer service you provide for your clients."

    , Commercial Cleaning in Orlando, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "Choosing 99 Calls has been the best decision I made. The money is the greatest bang for my marketing bucks. They keep our phone ringing and the emails coming. Thanks for the great customer support and lead generation."

    Professional Cleaning Services in Summit County, Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with 99 Calls for almost a year now and they have helped us get more customers that are searching for our services. I could not be happier with the results so far and it is always easy to talk with them if I have a question or concern. I strongly endorse this company for they have delivered everything they have promised and are helping our business grow.
    Thank You 99 Calls !!!

    , Affordable Glass Protection Services Inc - Residential Window Tinting in Greater Land O Lakes, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "I’ve been with this company a few years now and I must say it has been truly a game changer!! I went from struggling to find business to struggling to keep up with how much work that comes in! I truly love this company!!"

    Janitorial Services in New Haven, Connecticut

  • 5★★★★★ - "This company is where it is. They build you a website and send you leads for a good price. I going to stay with this company for as long as they are around to have me. 5 stars all the way! Great Job 99 calls. Keep those phone calls coming. Have a blessed day everyone!"

    Professional Cleaning Services for the Onsted, MI Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Always helpful and very prompt. I get great value with this service -- better than the others."

    Painting for Bucks & Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

  • 5★★★★★ - "I started up with 99 Calls at the end of September 2018. They said it would take about 6 months to get things going at a good pace. After a long cold winter, things are working out great. I look forward to see how things can progress in the future."

    Windows, Siding & Doors Specialist Serving the Chicago Suburbs

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very satisfied with the service 99 Calls provides to help my business grow. I highly recommend to other contractors. The customer service is very professional."

    Janitorial Services / Commercial Cleaning for New York City

  • 5★★★★★ - "I use 99 Calls and they have landed me two big contracts! I have only been with them for 3 months and I recommend them to anyone that’s just starting out, trust me you won’t regret it."

    , Commercial Cleaning in the Jersey City, NJ Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "They have become more than just an advertising company. They are a wonderful partner to my business. With their guidance, I have been able to expand my field technicians by 4x within a year. I am a very happy customer and I am very grateful for their experience and advice. They have helped me grow my business by getting my business found by customers online."

    Carpet Cleaning & Water Extraction in the Burlington, MA Area

  • 5★★★★★

    , J&J Custom Painting & Restoration, Inc - Quality Painting Services in the Orlando, Florida Area

  • 5★★★★★

    , Richard Libert Painting Inc.- Painting in Tampa, FL & Surrounding Areas 

  • 5★★★★★ - "These guys are the real deal. I’ve been a painting contractor in Houston, Texas for roughly 20 years. I have wasted a lot of money on advertising companies Signed up with 99 calls two years ago, went through the growing pains which are expected for a large market like Houston and I can say this has been the best year in 20 years. Already booking into January 2019. Love and appreciate you guys at 99 calls."

    Quality Painting & Handyman Services in the Houston, TX Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Purely customer driven!!! Excellent one step ahead. Great job!!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent marketing and customer service!!! 5 stars!!!"

    Roofing in the Livingston Texas Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "This company has brought me in at least half a million dollars in business every year. They are very outstanding people to work with. I have been with this company for over eight years and I can’t imagine working with another company."

    Roofing Installation & Repair for South Central Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great !!! The best advertising dollars ever spent, ROI can't be beat. I only wish I started sooner. Thank you 99 Calls."

    James T. Markey Home Remodeling LLCReplacement Windows, Roofing, Siding & Doors Specialist in Bridgewater, New Jersey 

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls provides the utmost in Customer Service - they created a professional and user friendly website for my Company and always respond quickly to any questions I have. I would recommend 99 Calls to anyone who is looking to expand their business."

    Commercial Cleaning Services for Metro Atlanta, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the business generated as a result of your company’s referrals and support. At first, I was somewhat skeptical to partner with 99 Calls Company but took a chance anyway. As a result, my business has grown tremendously and my earnings are at an all-time high thanks to the customer support from Brianna, Kathy, Danielle, and Diane. They have been wonderful to work with and my business has financially benefited greatly from their willingness to provide exceptional customer service. I’ve reached a level that I thought to be nearly impossible whereby I’m receiving more calls and business deals than I can manage daily. As a result, I am in a position to grow my business to keep up with the demand. Once again, I want to thank the staff at 99 Calls, especially, Brianna, Kathy, Danielle and Diane for all of their help and guidance.
    Warm regards,
    Kareem L. Booker"

    Office & Floor Cleaning in the Winston-Salem, NC Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 calls has been a great marketing company for me to work with. They bring a fair amount of quality leads each month and are also very consistent. Great bang for the buck!!"

    Roofing & Siding Services in the Central Massachusetts Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Lots of calls!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have worked with 99 calls for several years now, they have been great with customer service and got me a lot of jobs!"

    Roofing in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had the best experience with 99 Calls and all their staff. They did what they say they would. More than what I was expecting them to. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great company to work with , excellent service, provides great leads"

    Damage Restoration in Wayne, NJ

  • 5★★★★★ - "The best company out there. Boost less than a year by 75% very professional and always on time and getting stuff done, what they're going to do and what you ask them to do. I have a lifetime contract with them but 99 don't know it yet. Love them"

    Damage Restoration Services in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Have been with 99calls for 2 months now and will tell you it's the best lead generation company I have ever been associated with. My ROI the second month was 12:1. My company did 14 far more than I've done with all others. Danielle and Briana have been fantastic to work with and are very proactive at reaching out to the customer to offer guidance on how to make it better. So if you're looking for a company that walks the talk, this is the company for you."

    Jacksonville's Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great Company, Honest and Fairly Priced Service."

    Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Suffolk County & Long Island, New York

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fantastic company. I market only in my small town and they maintain a solid 2-3 real jobs for my industry per month. This has been regular business and a great addition to our books."

    Damage Restoration Services in Smyrna Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "One of the best companies I have ever heard of. True customer service.
    They have done everything they can to take care of us and have never let us down, what an awesome reputable company.
    If they said it, then it’s true, work with them if you get the chance to.
    I would trust this company and all that they have to say.

     Home Improvement Services in Alabama

  • 5★★★★★ - "After many years of looking for an effective advertiser we were lucky enough to be one of 99 calls first customers! Not only do they deliver results, they are an amazing team to work with always! Thank you 99calls for your amazing service!"

    Painter in Tampa, FL

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been in business for close to 25 years in the Remolding Bath Rooms in the state of Alabama. I have used so many lead generating company's that are not really concerned about their clients success, its all about the money they are going to generate. I have been with Thumbtack, Angie's List, Home Advisor, Service Magic which is Home Advisor with a new name and been on TV and the Radio and none of these guys have performed like 99 Calls. At this time 99 Calls is the only lead generator we use and the reason for this is because the Guys and Gals there really care about your success. They are there for you when you have a question or a concern and the best thing about the program is that the customer contacts you directly. They are not sold to 4 or 5 other contractors and then you have to battle it out to get their business. They contact you directly by phone or email and you build a relationship with them and it's great. If you have a business and you're always wondering what to do to generate more business, you need to be with 99 Calls and if you're not, shame on you. Give it a shot and see what happens. I think you will be GLAD YOU DID !!!!"

    Professional Tile & Acrylic Bathroom Remodelers

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been using 99 calls for several years. They have definitely helped me grow my business. I would recommend them to anyone with a business."

    Interior & Exterior Painting in Evansville, Indiana

  • 5★★★★★ - "I contacted 99 calls three years ago about commercial and residential cleaning leads, and as of this year my business has tripled in size. 99 Calls understand what’s important to you, so if you want to find more leads and win more jobs you should consider 99 Calls. And also no matter when I called, a representative is there to answer any question I have. Thank you for helping me increase my business."

    House & Office Cleaning in The Greater Atlanta, Georgia Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great Customer Service. The team is always working with me to create better success for my business! They're very helpful and informative."

    Painting Contractor in Manchester, New Hampshire

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been in business for the last 28 years in the Houston area and for the last 3 I have been with 99 Calls. They have been the best help for my business. I get referrals from satisfied customers and new customers from 99 Calls. Thank you guys."

    Daniel's Home Services - Painting Contractors in The Houston, Texas Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has most assuredly helped my business grow and I can highly recommend them. When we began working with 99 calls, we were a start up company with no employees. Having a website and professional SEO was critical to where we wanted to go. We now have 12 employees and 10 vehicles actively assisting the people of the San Francisco Bay Area everyday with their property damage restoration after fire and water catastrophes. Many thanks to 99 Calls for playing an important role in NRT's success!"

    Damage Restoration Services in San Rafael, California & Surrounding Areas

  • 5★★★★★ - "I want to say many thanks to 99 Calls for the Great services that they have been doing in promoting our business which is North College Park Painting, LLC. Without this company we probably would have went out of business. Since they started to do our advertisement I can see the difference. I highly recommend to any contractor who wants to increase their sales - hire 99 Calls!"

    Painting Services in Maryland & DC Metro Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "They have gotten me a lot of calls and business. Customer service is very friendly and easy to work with. I'm glad I found them ."

    Pest Control in Plainfield, NJ

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great"

    , B&W Enterprises Roofing - Roofing Services in Hampton GA

  • 4★★★★☆ - "It's been a pleasant and good experience. We don't always get the jobs, but the call volume is great. Your company is in all the websites."

    Handyman & Painting Services in Morris & Union County New Jersey

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've hired and fired a bunch of web marketers and lead generators over the years and I must say that 99Calls has been at the top of our kudos list in only a short period of time! Keep up the good work! They're always a pleasure to work with, friendly, highly knowledgeable and always there to help."

    Handyman Services in Ansonia, Connecticut

  • 5★★★★★ - "It started out slow at first but after doing what they ask me to do for my own business, I started to get more calls and emails which increased my number of sales. 99 Calls is a great tool to have and can lead to appointments which can lead to more sales. They are also amazing with the assistance on websites which also increase callers that lead to sales. I recommend 99 calls!"

    Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Dallas, Texas

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great value for the money. We've been with them for three years because they actually produce results."

    Carpet Cleaning in The Greater Chicago Illinois Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "99Calls stays on point with keeping advertisement active. Appointed representatives are courteous and keep us updated. Great customer service."

    Residential & Commercial Electrician in Dallas & Forth Worth, Texas Areas

  • 5★★★★★ - "Professional, courteous."

    in Madison, NJ

  • 5★★★★★ - "This is the owner of J & J Custom Painting & Restoration Inc. we would like to express our greatest gratitude and thanks to The Lead Generation Company and the entire staff Kathy, Danielle my customer service rep. and Brianna the Customer Care Team for all the hard work they have provide to our company. We were looking for a good and honest company to build our website and maintain our website on a monthly basis with a fair price. They are great and we will not change them with any other company. Our goal and work has improved throughout this year and years to come. Thanks, 99 Calls and staff, you all are a great asset to our company J & J custom Painting & Restoration Inc."

    in Orlando, FL - Quality Painting Services in the Orlando, Florida Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is an awesome company. The customer service is top notch. It’s the best money that I’ve ever spent marketing my business. You have probably tried the rest, now try the best, 99 Calls."

    Quality Painting & Handyman Services in The Houston, Texas Area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Really great service I am pleased with the results. Would definitely recommend to anybody that needs leads for their business, they are on top of it."

    Roofing in Baltimore and Washion D.C. & Surrounding Areas

  • 5★★★★★ - "Always prompt, helpful customer service and it really works, too! Quality leads and great value!"

    Henderson Custom Painting - Painting in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent customer service with sites that rank extremely well. Thank you!"

    , Kwekel Services - Garage Floor Epoxy Services in Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls leads is very easy to work with."

    , Grasshopper Irrigation - Irrigation in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thanks 99 Calls. I am very satisfied with your services since I have been working with you for 4 years, and I am very comfortable working with you. You do an excellent job. I congratulate the whole group at 99 Calls. Thank you."

    , JC General Cleaning Services -Pressure Washing Services in Danbury, CT

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you 99 Calls. I am very happy to work with you. Your company is very honest and everything you said concerning receiving customers was true. Thanks 99 Calls"

    J. Mota Services - Handyman in Medford, Massachusetts

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been with 99 calls for 4 1/2 years. They’ve helped me to build my business to make my business grow. I appreciate everything. Thank you 99 Calls for all that you do for me."

    House Cleaning in Kissimmee, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'm very pleased with 99 Calls. Unlike other services, 99 Calls gives me quality interested callers. Would highly recommend them."

    , Abel Construction Enterprises, LLC - General Contractor in Daytona Beach, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'm going into my second year in business and it has just grown so much. And with all of your help, this has been a blessing. Thank you so much!"

    , Hot Shot Commercial Services, LLC - Commercial Cleaning Services in Lakewood, California

  • 5★★★★★ - "As a plumbing company 99 Calls has helped us grow our company greatly and develop repeating customers."

    , Palmerio Plumbing LLC - Plumbing Services in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has been a great asset to the James River Remodeling team. Our lead volume has more than tripled since signing on with the 99 Calls team. We look forward to continuing to grow and advance with 99 Calls. I would certainly recommend them to any one looking to advance there company."

    , James River Remodeling - Remodeling Services in Hampton, Virginia

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'd give 99 Calls lead generation 5 stars. I am very happy with the excellent service you provide."

    , Lester Pools, Inc - Pool Services in Jackson, New Jersey

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am 100% satisfied with 99 Calls lead generation for my roofing business. I get calls just about every day."

    , John's Roofing & Home Improvements - Roofing, Siding, and Gutters in Portsmouth Virginia

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thanks for helping my business grow, you guys are amazing."

    , CleanGlo Services LLC - Commercial Cleaning for Greater Cleveland, Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "I love 99 Calls. It is reasonably priced and the calls come directly to us. I have been with them for many years and will continue to be a happy customer. "

    , The Pristine Company - House Cleaning in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls provides quality leads to our business every month. I'm very happy with their service."

    , Drain King Plumbing And Drain Services - Plumbing and Drain Services in York Pennsylvania

  • 5★★★★★ - "We definitely would recommend 99 Calls. The customer service is second to none, and it's a great value. We are happy with the leads we get through the service."

    , JCW Construction Group - Home Improvement Services in Griffin Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is a great company with great customer service. Everything they have promised me has been exact to the point!"

    , Pride Cleaning Pros LLC - Janitorial Services in New Haven, Connecticut

  • 5★★★★★ - "Dear 99 Calls, a moment to say thank you for your personal relationship with the Cleaning Force. You ensure our web site is always on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other services. Your quality website (page titles, layouts, and selection of photos) attracts customers looking for the services Cleaning Force provides; bringing in on average 6 to 10 service calls per month, which; enables us to close on an average of 4-6 calls. This service pays for it self and enables Cleaning Force to make a profit from all of its new on going and one time customers. In all of my 10 years of service 99 Calls is the best in pushing Cleaning Force's Web Site. We left 99 Calls after 2.5 years of service and learned a big lesson that there is no one better. We know now, we have no need to change or will ever leave 99 Calls again."

    , Cleaning Force Inc - Commercial Cleaning Services for North Atlanta, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "We've been using 99 Calls for about a year now with great success. We really enjoy working with them and would highly recommend using 99 Calls if you are looking to boost your business!!!"

    , Smart Clean Building Maintenance - Janitorial Services in San Jose, California area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Our experience with 99 Calls has been great! We are in our second year with them and we continue to receive new customers every month. We would absolutely recommend using them if you want to increase your business."

    , Tri City Electric - Electricians serving the Hickory, North Carolina area

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have had a few web companies in the past. They all say they are good, but we were not thrilled. We found 99 Calls online and thought we would try one more time. What we have seen so far is that 99 Calls is by far the best in the business. They are very knowledgeable and they offer a lot more than just a website. They built us a Facebook page, website, Google+ page, and much more. They are always happy to upload new pictures of our work or answer any questions we have. They are easy to get a hold of and easy to work with. My opinion is to hire 99 Calls A.S.A.P. They will promote your business and make your phone ring."

    , Duval Paving LLC - Paving in Jacksonville, Florida & Surrounding Areas

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls does a great job of getting us online and getting us leads. Thank you 99 Calls!"

    , Prestige Construction LLC - Complete Home Remodeling Services for Valparaiso & Northwest Indiana

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has added tremendous value to our business. Our online presence has greatly improved, and we see the return on our investment. We've tried other lead generation companies without success, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with 99 Calls."

    , Ferrer's Electric, LLC - Electrician serving the Southbury, Connecticut area

  • 5★★★★★ - "You've been the best company I've found and we're very happy! Thank you again for your help and for working with us. 99 Calls and its employees are so great to work with! Looking forward to working together a long time!"

    , Picture Perfect Handyman - Handyman Services in Santa Clarita, California

  • 5★★★★★ - "You have helped me from start to now and you guys have been great. I can see the difference you have made, for an economical cost, and I really appreciate it!"

    , Ullrich's Cleaning Services LLC - Commercial Cleaning in Fredericksburg, Virginia & Surrounding Areas

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is excellent. I always get the best jobs and they always treat me and my cleaning company with respect and they are very ... very professional I will recommend them to any company that is looking to grow. Love 99 Calls!"

    , Dominguez Cleaning Services - House cleaning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very happy with the service 99 Calls is providing. They do what they say and always follow through."

    , AAP Construction - Masonry Contractors in Newark, New Jersey

  • 5★★★★★ - "I love working with 99 Calls. You guys send me a lot of quality landscaping leads. I'd recommend you to anyone, as long as they aren't a competitor!"

    , Chris Black Landscaping 

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has done a great job of producing leads for our business. The monthly reports help us track our sales. Keep up the great work!"

    , South Shore Mechanical, LLC - HVAC services for Boston and the South Shore

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great job! You are delivering the leads as promised!"

    , Falkin Pest Control - Pest Control services for the Dallas Texas area

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'm really happy with 99 Calls. Nice people, amazing service. There are so many other companies that just don't work."

    , Amazing Detailed Interiors LLC - Painting services for Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York

  • 5★★★★★ - "Guys...Awesome job! Once again, so impressed with the work you guys continue to do. I referred you to another general contractor out of Bloomington. We do a lot of work together and they simply are not getting this type of service."

    , Stupid Storm, LLC 

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is the best company I have ever advertised with. Do not waste your money with Yellow Pages. Feel free to give me a call and I will explain it to you myself."

    , CKS Cleaning Services, Inc. - Janitorial Services for the Charlotte North Carolina area

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been using 99 Calls for painting lead services for over five years. You are the only advertising service we need to use. Would recommend you to anyone!"

    , Mendoza's Paint & Remodeling - Painting & Remodeling services in Houston, Texas

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been working with 99 Calls for painting leads for over six years. They have a professional team and they get the job done. I've been very happy with the leads they provide."

    , Burke & Crew House Painting

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you very much 99 Calls! I am very happy with your services."

    , Premier Force Cleaning Services LLP

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has become our only lead source. They have produced more plumbing leads for us than any other company we've tried. We'd recommend them to any business owner who relies on inbound leads."

    , Jimmi The Plumber - Plumbing Services in Illinois

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls lead generation has helped me build my pest control business. I would recommend them to anyone."

    , Inside Out Exterminating, Inc.

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you so much for the new and improved site. I am very pleased with the way it looks and the services offered are way more in line with the services I am providing on a day to day basis. I am very excited to begin promoting the site and am grateful for the time you all spent working on it. Thank you!"

    , Blue Frog Painting - Painting services for the Greater Philadelphia, PA area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Easy to work with! We have seen the benefits of being partners with 99 Calls over the past several years."

    , Roof Masters of Colorado, LLC - Roofing services in the Boulder Colorado area

  • 5★★★★★ - "I love working with you guys. Your reporting is great, and out of all of our vendors, you give us the biggest bang for our buck."

    , Teddy Bear Carpet Care LLC - Carpet & upholstery cleaning for the Jacksonville Florida area

  • 5★★★★★ - "You guys have been wonderful. You've helped my business grow. The lead growth gets better each year."

    , Tony Wallace Independent Contracting & Handyman - General Contracting & Handyman Services in Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has been great for us to here at Dream Baths of Alabama. Good folks like Diane to work with and affordable."

    , Dream Baths of Alabama - Walk in tubs & bathroom accessibility in Alabama

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very happy with your service. I have 2 jobs already and it has covered my costs to your company already. I will refer you to others as opportunity arises."

    , First Team Handyman Services

  • 5★★★★★ - "You are better than our SEO company. Thanks for all your help."

    , All In One Home Improvement LLC - Basement Finishing in Aurora, Colorado

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very happy with your service. I have been getting a lot of calls - thank you very much!!"

    , A-Pro Works - House cleaning in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you so much. The site is looking good. You guys are the best. We've had a good year so far. We've doubled our gross sales this year!"

    , Tony Wallace Independent Contracting & Handyman - Remodeling & Handyman service in Sandersville, GA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We truly appreciate what you're doing for our business."

    , Summer's Heating & Cooling - HVAC Contractor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "You guys have turned this into a different business for us. You're a great value. You've put up us in front of customers and I get a lot of calls."

    , Jason's Quality Landscaping - Landscaper serving the Raleigh / Durham NC area

  • 5★★★★★ - "We've used print and other online advertising, but 99 Calls brings in the most leads by far."

    , Rainbow Restoration and Cleaning - Carpet Cleaner in Flagstaff, Arizona

  • 5★★★★★ - "Glad I came across 99 Calls and I like the way the leads keep coming. I have been able to let go of other lead companies and stick with just 99 Calls."

    , Complete Painting Services - Painter in Chesapeake, Virginia

  • 5★★★★★ - "Since joining up with 99 Calls we have definitely seen an increase in business and an increase in quality calls. I would highly recommend 99 Calls and have recommended to other friends in the industry."

    , Pete Jennings & Sons - Painter in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with 99 Calls for a few years now and have been pleased with the results that we have received from their service. They respond fast to all our questions and we appreciate their efforts."

    , PTI Electric - Electrician in Columbus, Ohio

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has been a valuable resource in advertising for our company. We have seen an improvement in call volume and it is only with this company that we can say that. We are very pleased and happy to have 99 Calls as our advertising source."

    , My Dad's Cleaning Service - Carpet Cleaning for Sacramento, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We had been struggling with what to do about internet searches until we found 99 Calls. Over the last year we have almost doubled the total revenue for our business from the previous year. One small job that we picked up from 99 Calls turned into almost 60 different jobs. Diane has been great. Thanks 99 Calls!"

    , Meehan Electrical Services - Electrician in Athens, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has done what they said they would and more. I have so many leads coming in I can choose what kind of jobs I want to do. I would highly recommend 99 Calls to anyone in any type of business."

    , Proactive Painting, LLC - Painter in Waukesha, Wisconsin

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls has dramatically increased our sales. We advertise with 6 different firms and 99 Calls is the most affordable and has given us our greatest return. It takes a couple months to get the leads flowing through but after that they will exceed your expectations like they did ours. I highly recommend them."

    , Elite Finisher Inc. - Painter serving St. Paul, Minnesota

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've been working with 99 Calls for almost two years. They are the only lead generation company I use. They make good on their promises and deliver the leads! 99 Calls has sent me quite a few lucrative jobs."

    , R & F Paint Corp. - Painter in Port Chester, NY

  • 5★★★★★ - "We are a small mom and pop business in Jackson Florida. We have dealt with lead companies, other web designers, and other various ways of advertising and all we ever saw was money going out and nothing coming in. It would take weeks to get things done that we needed or it cost an extra fee to get to where we wanted to be. We contacted 99 Calls, don't get me wrong, we were afraid of doing business with 99 Calls because of past experiences with other companies. We finally made the phone call to 99 Calls and I am amazed at how fast you get results, the staff takes care of everything if you are like myself and not computer savvy. No need to worry, 99 Calls has your back. This company would be an added asset for any small business. We look forward to many years of affiliation with 99 Calls."

    , Gordon Handyman Services

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls provides an excellent service!! We receive 40+ leads a month from them and because of it our business has definitely increased. We have tried a few marketing/lead companies and this one is one of the best! I would recommend to them to any company!! Thanks again 99 Calls."

    , Barnes Electric Service - Electrician in Portland, Tennessee

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been working with 99 Calls for many months now. This company had helped me a lot. I get a lot of calls requesting our cleaning services. I recommend this company to any business that wants to grow their list of customers."

    , Corporate Maid, Inc.

  • 5★★★★★ - "I used to spend about $7000 per year in different companies like service magic, painting networx, yellow pages, bbb, and others. Now that I only have 99 Calls I am saving like 350%. And my results are by far better. I love them."

    , B&A Painting - Painting services in Aurora, Illinois

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with 99 Calls for only a short time but we could not be happier with their service. Our web site was up and running in three days and every website you can think of there was our ad moving up in the rankings. We received our first calls after only 3 weeks. Also their staff couldn't be better, updating the website and working with us making any changes we ask for. I can see being with 99 Calls for a long time."

    , Progressive Janitorial - Commercial Cleaning in Nashville, Tennessee

  • 5★★★★★ - "Since we have been opened, 99 Calls has been the only company that has done what they said they would do. We have gotten many jobs both commercial and residential. It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys."

    , Cowell's Carpet Cleaning, Inc. - Carpet Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 5★★★★★ - "Hi, my name is Ed from Fine Line Painting Company, I have been a customer of 99 Calls for 3 years now and I must say that their service is impeccable, I receive more than 30 calls each month and as a result my business has nearly tripled. I cannot thank 99 Calls and their staff enough for their hard work. They are a huge asset to have for any business. Thanks for your continued hard work and support."

    , Fine Line Painting - Residential & Commercial Painting in Billerica, Massachusetts

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thanks for all the leads that are rushing in. You guys do great work. We're very happy."

    , PM Fleming HVAC

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you for the fine work that you all do. I get a lot of compliments on the site itself, but more importantly, a lot of calls. Your customer service is awesome. When I call, I feel like I'm your only customer even though I'm sure you have thousands. I have wasted tons of money with other companies that didn't do what they said they would do. And then I found 99 Calls. And I'm glad I did. You have not only saved my business, but made it profitable. Again, Thank you so much."

    , CEO, Universal Services LLC - Handyman services in Atlanta, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am so impressed with how quickly you respond to requests to update the site. The site is coming together very nicely. Thanks again and we're looking forward to getting lots of leads from 99 Calls!"

    , Novel Construction

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have tried several lead generation companies over the years. 99 Calls does a fantastic job of bringing leads to our business. They offer an outstanding product at a great value. I highly recommend them."

    , Colonial Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning in Wilmington, MA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Our company has been a part of the 99 Calls family now for about a year and our business has doubled in income."

    , A.F.B.M. Maids

  • 5★★★★★ - "You are a phenomenal company. We are very pleased with the carpet leads we get through 99 Calls. We're not using other lead services anymore! Thank you for explaining to us how the lead system works. It is certainly working for us!"

    , CSSI Carpet Cleaning - Carpet cleaner serving Nashville, Tennessee

  • 5★★★★★ - "Your are great to work with. Your team members are professional and you always return my calls quickly. Out of all the companies I've worked with for carpet leads, 99 Calls is my favorite."

    , Larson's ChemDry

  • 5★★★★★ - "I have been very happy with the prompt responses from your customer care department with changes to the web site. I'm also very pleased with the number of calls that I get through the website."

    , Gildersleeve Painting, LLC - Painter in Marysville, California

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank you very much for all your help and your great customer service, I really appreciate your business. Thank you!"

    , Complete Clean Water Extraction - Water Extraction in San Antonio, TX

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've dealt with a lot of marketing and lead companies and you guys are the best I've ever dealt with, bar none. I can't begin to tell you what you've done to help me grow my business. I'd recommend you to anyone."

    , A&E Painting and Home Renovations

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've tried a lot of lead companies through the years and dropped them all. 99 Calls is the only one that has been legit."

    , Chris' Advanced Drywall Repair - Drywall Repair in Orange County, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "New customers are finding my business and calling! The website looks real nice and is well done."

    , Chris's Painting & Home Repair - Painter in Woodstock, Georgia

  • 5★★★★★ - "Best wishes to all of you guys and thank you for everything you've done so far I am extremely happy with your services and efforts."

    , Luigi's Painting and Remodeling

  • 5★★★★★ - "You guys have done amazing things for my business. No other company has brought me the volume of leads that you have. I'm blessed to have you."

    , Precision Painting - Painter in Porter Ranch, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "We just would like to share some feedback that we got from several marketers that called us today. Here it is: 'Your web site is outstanding and it has all the bells and whistles.' This was the first time that I ever got that from other marketers. Thank you for all your hard work!"

    , A.F.B.M. Shark Pool

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have been with you guys 18 months and just came off our best month ever! We couldn't be more happy with your service. You've kept us very busy. Please keep up the great work!"

    , Mulholland Painting - Painter in Upper Chichester, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Starting up with 99 Calls is the best business decision I've made. I've never been busier, and your customer service is the best. Thank you for your hard work."

    , Brendan Mulholland Painting - Painter in Media, PA

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls was my introduction to Website advertising, and it has proven consistently productive. My company offers a variety of painting and construction services, and this has been an excellent way of "mass advertising" this wide range of capabilities. The staff of 99 Calls is readily available, and always eager to help in improving our Website. A skeptic at first, I am now a believer in this mode of advertising, and in 99 Calls as the agent. I strongly encourage any contractor / business owner to utilize their services."

    , Apollo Painting & Construction - Santa Barbara Painting

  • 5★★★★★ - "Best service I have ever used for marketing and advertising. Quality leads, great price. Diane and Fred are very straightforward and honest people."

    , Anthony M. Meggs Painting Co. - Painter serving Monroe & Union County North Carolina

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is by far the best lead generation company I've tried. Their customer service is excellent, and they deliver the leads. I've now got them building two of my businesses!"

    , All in One Interior & Exterior

  • 5★★★★★ - "Thank You!!! You guys are great!!"

    , B & L Quality Painting and Paperhanging

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'm very happy that I found you guys. You're keeping me very busy. I get more leads from you than any other services I've tried, and the leads that come in have been great quality."

    , Yaskara Painting - Painter in Vancouver, Washington

  • 5★★★★★ - "99 Calls is the best lead company I've ever seen! I can barely keep up with the work. This is the best service for the price on the market. On a scale 1-5, I'd rate them a 10!"

    , Gene's Janitorial Service, Inc.

  • 5★★★★★ - "I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that 99 Calls has saved my painting business. We were struggling to make ends meet when you called to offer us lead generation services. I was very hesitant at first because I've been burned before by marketing people. In just eight months, we went from no work to hiring again! 99 Calls not only turned my business around, but it's put some good guys back to work as well. Your lead generation works like nothing else I've tried. I'm grateful for what you've done."

    , H & R Painting

  • 5★★★★★ - "Hi, I'm Johnny with Johnny's Painting. I'd like to introduce you to 99 Calls. They are my lead generation people. They made me a great website that brings in lots of calls. I highly recommend them."

    , Painting Leads - Painter serving the Kissimmee / Lakeland FL area

  • 5★★★★★ - "Hi I'm Robert with Platinum Painting here in Lakeland Florida. I've been using 99 Calls for about 6 months now. And we've got a lot of work out of this. You get a lot of calls. It's well worth the money. Call them today."

    , Painting Leads - Platinum Painting & Pressure Cleaning

  • "We have used 99 Calls for almost a year. In the last year we have gained many new customers through them. In addition to the new leads, they provide me with excellent and professional customer service. I highly recommend 99 Calls!"

    , Terrain Irrigation, Irrigation Leads

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've used many other lead generation companies, but none have come close to delivering the leads that 99Calls has. I am very satisfied."

    , Nick Mejia Painting, Painting Leads - Painter in San Mateo, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've been using 99 Calls for my Internet advertising since they started, they provide me with excellent and personal service, attending all my requests whenever I want any changes to my site. Their service is outstanding and paid for itself in the first couple months of work I got. They keep track of all callers and submit monthly reports for the calls I had. Also it's a monthly charge, does not matter how many calls I receive. I trust 99 Calls and have recommended many friends to them."

    , Bostonian Remodeling, Inc., Remodeling Leads 

  • 5★★★★★ - "We have used other companies for years but it was frustrating because they would send 3 or 4 contractors to the same lead, and even more frustrating when we couldn't even reach the leads. With 99 Calls we have generated more than $20,000 in sales in a short time and with little investment. Thanks 99 Calls!"

    , C.E.T. Painting, Painting Leads

  • 5★★★★★ - "Hi Paul Danieli, Danieli Painting. I've been using 99 Calls for about two years now, and the best thing about them is that when a customer calls you it's just you they're calling. Other companies that I used to use, you'd have three, four contractors you're bidding against. It just made it impossible to get jobs, especially when they low bid. I can't say enough about 99 Calls. Great company."

    , Painting Leads - Painter in Wilmington, MA

  • 5★★★★★ - "Way better than the Yellow Pages!"

    , Painting Leads - Painter serving Daytona Beach, FL

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've been using lead services for years, but none of them compare to 99 Calls. You guys are really on to something! Congratulations and thanks for the leads."

    , Painting Leads

  • 5★★★★★ - "A trusted painter friend referred me to 99 Calls after having great success with them. I gave them a try and am glad I did! They are professional and easy to work with. I've tried other companies for lead generation, but they didn't come through on their promises. 99 Calls did, and then some! My ROI from this is awesome. I would recommend 99 Calls lead generation to anyone who wants to grow their business."

    , House Cleaning Leads - Cleaning Contractor serving Mount Shasta, CA

  • 5★★★★★ - "I've tried lots of lead companies but none came through for me. You guys are legit! I'm glad I found you."

    , Carpet Cleaning Leads

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